The Project: Creating a Hygge-Inspired Nordic Haven in Woodend

 Featured in Country Life Magazine

Project type: New Build

Summary: In the heart of Woodend, a family with a deep affection for Denmark and the concept of “Hygge” embarked on a journey. To create a home that would embrace the spirit of cosiness, simplicity, and connection. The clients lived in Norway and Denmark for 8 years before settling in Woodend. Their vision involved a warm, welcoming interior providing ease, comfort, and the essence of “hygge.” They aspired to have living spaces that exuded a sense of comfort and welcome. The focus was on life’s simple pleasures and shared moments with loved ones. The guiding principle of the project was “Less is more – fewer pieces that are of good quality and meaningful.” The goal was to create a space that radiated comfort, warmth, and a casual, inviting ambience.


Creating the warm and welcoming atmosphere they desire requires the right windows. These challenges included:

Insulation requirements:

The level of insulation needed to create a cozy and energy-efficient home in the Nordic style.


The desired aesthetic, which aims to encapsulate the essence of Danish Hygge. They sought windows and doors that would enhance the ambience of the living spaces.

Quality and Durability:

As part of their minimalist philosophy, the clients sought high-quality, long-lasting, low-maintenance windows.


Superior Insulation:

Thermotek’s windows and doors have exceptional insulation properties. They provided an effective solution to the insulation challenge. Our range ensured a warm and comfortable interior that aligned with the concept of “hygge.”

Custom Aesthetics:

A range of customised options allowed the clients to achieve their goals. The windows enhanced the ambience of the living spaces, contributing to a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

Quality and Durability:

Our commitment to quality and durability resonated with the client’s desire for a minimalist approach. Our high-quality materials ensured longevity and minimal maintenance, aligning with the project’s philosophy.

Energy Efficiency:

Designed for energy efficiency, this contributed to a comfortable interior. They also support sustainability and cost savings over the long term.

The transformative power of the right windows and doors shaped this living space, encapsulating the essence of Hygge.

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