Frontline energy-efficient solutions for windows and doors made right here in Australia.

World-class innovations, local expertise.

Since 2012, we have made German engineering accessible to the Australian market. Thermotek’s long-term strategic partnership with Aluplast has given us access to the most innovative uPVC profile systems in the world.

Our extensive local knowledge and industry experience has led to an unwavering mission to make highly superior window and door systems accessible to homes and projects in Australia. We have a great team, experienced in project management and field services, fully committed to providing a customised service for your next renovation or build project.

We pride ourselves in customising global innovations and systems for the Australian climate and market.

Thermotek Windows & Doors - Why Thermotek
Thermotek Windows & Doors - Why Thermotek

Our Philosophy

We focus on constant learning and improving. By always evolving our thinking we solve problems no one else sees.


We are down to earth with our customers. We appreciate that authentic communication requires transparency, vulnerability and integrity.


What was once imagined is now a reality at Thermotek. We are constantly striving to look beyond the norm and innovate.


Thermotek assumes responsibility for our actions. Together with our customers and partners, we try to actively contribute to the protection of our natural environment.

Our values

Thermotek Windows & Doors - Why Thermotek


We know that active listening is one of the most sincere forms of respect.

At Thermotek we aspire to be a culture of - listen thrice, think twice and speak once.

Thermotek Windows & Doors - Why Thermotek


When everyone moves forward together, then success comes easier.

The best outcomes are created when our team and our customers operate as a single unit with common goals.

Thermotek Windows & Doors - Why Thermotek


We know a home reflects the personality of its inhabitants.

So our team works hard to make sure our products reflect and match the style of our customer’s homes.

Why choose Thermotek?

Thermotek Windows & Doors - Why Thermotek

Made in Melbourne

We manufacture our products in our local Melbourne based factory. This allows us to provide a quality product at a competitive price.

Thermotek Windows & Doors - Why Thermotek

AWA member

Thermotek Windows and Doors is a proud member of the Australian Window Association and abides by their guidelines.

Thermotek Windows & Doors - Why Thermotek

Customised solutions

We work closely with you to customise the most cost-effective energy efficient solution for your project. At no extra cost.

Thermotek Windows & Doors - Why Thermotek

Environmental Ownership

We made a conscious decision to manufacture uPVC windows, the more environmentally friendly option compared to aluminium. UPVC has a lower impact manufacturing process and upvc profiles are 100% recyclable.

Thermotek Windows & Doors - Why Thermotek

Passive House Certified

Passive Houses are European standards which apply to buildings with a heating demand that is just 1/10th of average existing buildings.

Thermotek Windows & Doors - Why Thermotek

Housing Industry Member

The Housing Industry Association acknowledges the contribution of Thermotek Windows and Doors for its workmanship.

Thermotek Windows & Doors - Why Thermotek

Seamless project delivery

We ensure a project’s objectives are achieved throughout; from design consultations, estimations right through to installations and beyond.

Australian Made to Australian Standards

Thermotek adheres to the Australian Glass and Window Association’s guidelines for compliant, energy efficiency: AS 2047 AS 1288 AS 4420.

Thermotek products are suitable for up to BAL 40 (Bushfire Rating).

Our windows and doors are between Uw 1.2 to 1.9 by WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) for energy efficiency.