Strathnairn Charity House with Solace Creations

Built, designed, and sold by women for charities that support women.

The Project:

Address: Strathnairn, ACT

Project type: Four-bedroom home

Summary: Strathnairn Charity House was a partnership between Ginninderry and women-led builders and suppliers. The project was to build and sell a new home, with all the profits donated to charity. In Strathnairn in the ACT, it is a sustainable, energy-efficient, affordable home design. The project was to support charitable causes while promoting sustainable and affordable housing.


Construction of a new 7-star energy efficiency-rated house in the ACT.


The house features a range of energy-efficient design features and building materials. This included Thermotek windows and doors, facilitated by our partnership with Solace Creations. This project demonstrates the importance of sustainable building practices. Our systems helped achieve energy efficiency goals and ratings, comfort, and aesthetics.

Switch to a more energy efficient design, with Thermotek.