What is Double Glazing And How Does It Work?

Double Glazing7, also known as Insulated Glazing, is the use of two panes of glass to reduce noise and heat transmission in windows and doors.

In a standard single-glazed window, both heat and noise are easily transferred. In summer, sunlight heats up your house. In winter, heat escapes from inside your home to the outside. You pay more for heating and cooling costs. All year-round, noise can easily pass through the window.

By using two (Double Glazed) panes of glass, the gap between the panes dramatically reduces transmission of both heat and sound. The double glazed unit is often referred to as a IGU (Insulated Glass Unit)

In cheaper products, the gap may only be air. In more efficient, higher quality units, the use of a gas such as argon to fill the gap provides superior performance.

What Are The Benefits of Double Glazing?

A more comfortable home

Double Glazing your windows and doors will have your family feeling more comfortable in your home. Having double glazed windows will help keep the heat out in summer, and keep in the warmth in during winter. Not many of us enjoy heating and cooling systems that are forever turning on and off, causing noise and blasting us with hot or cold air. Double glazing will keep your home’s temperature more stable, cutting down the number of times your heating/cooling system has to switch on and off. Learn more about Thermal Comfort here…

A Quieter home

Want to enjoy a quieter and more peaceful home?

In today’s world, noise can be detracting from our enjoyment of our home. At Thermotek Windows, we can’t do much about the noise inside your home, but we can certainly help keep out noise from outside.

Double glazing your windows can dramatically cut any noise pollution that you might suffer from. This could include annoying noise such as barking dogs, loud airconditiomers, noisy neighbours, aircraft noise, traffic noise, nearby pubs and clubs, to name a few. Learn more about double glazing’s sound insulation properties …

I work night shifts and need to get my rest during the day, so I used Thermotek Windows Double Glazed Windows and doors to keep the noise out of the room….. Its is very impressive how good this has worked.

I can barley hear any noise coming through and no draught at all anymore. Not only that but I have noticed a sufficient difference in keeping the temperature under control in that area.
Pye – Box Hill South

Lower Energy bills

Energy bills are forever increasing and this will definitely be an ongoing issue for your family budget. Windows can severely impact on the heating and cooling loads of a building. Up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost and up to 87% of its heat gained through windows.

Improving windows’ thermal performance reduces energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
Learn more about the financial aspects of double glazing here…

A more Secure home

The majority of home burglaries gain entry through windows or doors. Standard, single-glazed windows offer your home no protection from burglars.

Modern double-glazed windows and doors, using multi-point locking technology, and security-enhancing uPVC framing, can help improve your window security, and deter would-be burglars.

Learn more about window Security…

Reduce Condensation

Condensation is caused when a cold surface and moist air meet. You see it when a drink glass drips condensation on your table, and you see it when your bathroom mirror fogs up.

In many homes today, condensation on windows and doors is a problem. We have these thin 3mm panes of glass that in the cooler months becomes a cold surface. When the warm, moist air inside your home meets this cold glass pane, it can cause condensation.

Condensation on your windows can cause a number of problems. The moisture can trickle down and damage the window frame- particularly if it is wood. Sometimes really bad condensation can damage your wall, your architrave, your carpet or your floor. High moisture levels like this are also breeding grounds for mold.

Double Glazing will virtually eliminates these problems. The gas in-between the two panes of glass will ensure that the inside glass is kept at room temperature. Condensation issues will become a thing of the past. Learn more about condensation, and how double glazing counters it…

Enhance your home’s value

Double Glazing will help your home achieve a higher Star Energy rating. New homes in Victoria a required to meet a minimum 6 Star standard. That’s a good target to meet, or beat, when you are extending or refurnishing, too .

Using double glazing to help achieve a higher Star rating provides an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) when it reduces your power bill, but there’s an extra bonus.

While every individual case will be different, a study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown that higher star ratings translate into higher sale prices for homes. Learn more about the financial value of double glazing here…

Reduce your carbon footprint

These days we are well aware that global warming and climate change are with us. 2014 produced the highest worldwide temperatures on record.

This is an effect on safety for some, insurance rates for many and a poorer future for all our kids. Double Glazing can reduce the green house gas (GHG) emissions from your heating and cooling significantly, and reduces your carbon footprint..