Which Is The Best Framing Material?


An aluminium frame is definitely the cheapest option for window framing material. They are strong, durable and light. They come in a variety of colours,however aluminium is a very good conductor of heat and cold, they will absorb the outside heat and conduct it into your home. Aluminium will most likely decrease the energy values of your windows.


Timer is good for natural insulation, they do not conduct temperature as an aluminium frame would. However timber is a larger frame and generally results in gaps between the openings, this will cause draught and can be a big issue for your home. Timber also decays over time as it absorbs carbon dioxide. Timber frames also have the downfall of being ‘high maintenance’ they fade and warp which generally means they will need to be oiled, sanded back and painted regularly.


uPVC is the highest quality frame in the market today. These frames are not as common here in Australia as yet, however they are the standard window and door frame in advanced markets like North America, and especially Europe. uPVC has excellent thermal and sound insulating properties. It is extruded into complex profiles that provide excellent air seals and great security. uPVC will not conduct hot or cold temperatures as aluminium would, it is not going to rot, warp, fade or require painting like a timber frame would. With uPVC frames, you enjoy the highest performance, and the lowest maintenance. Learn more about uPVC window and door framing here…