Choose new windows like a professional. Here’s how

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Windows contribute both functional and aesthetic value to a home. This means that there should be serious thought into buying windows to keep to the architectural integrity of your homein tact. Earn kerbside envy by choosing your home’s windows like a pro. Whether they are for a new home you are custom designing or windows you are replacing, read on for our handy guide.

Keep priorities top of mind

Having a list of priorities to refer to when choosing windows for your home can simplify the process and ensure that you avoid being overwhelmed by the choices available to you. Windows come in various designs each answering to a different type of function. Do you prioritize aesthetic style, high functionality and efficiency, maintenance friendly-ness or enhanced security?

Highest quality materials

Opting for the best quality materials is the best decision you could make. Thermotek’s uPVC window designs make for a great choice as they offer a high functional value and fantastic visual appeal. uPVC materials require very little maintenance and are available in a choice of wood grains and colours.

Are the windows energy efficient?

Reputable window suppliers know the importance placed on energy efficient windows to help homeowners save money on utility costs and to promote a more comfortable home. Our double glazing windows feature argon gas filled gaps that have been found to offer enhanced thermal insulation as well as other benefits such as acoustic reduction capabilities.

Choosing windows for your home is much more than just looking at timber frames of various sizes and shapes. There is the bush fire rating to consider, the thermal insulation benefits, the credentials of the supplier and finding a reputable installer. At Thermotekyou get all of the above and so much more. We are a Melbourne-based premier manufacturer and supplier of durable window and door solutions that have immense visual appeal. We offer quick turnaround times, competitive prices and high attention to customer satisfaction.


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