Ensure Your Double Glazing Is Certified To Australian Standards.

When you invest in a product like double glazing, you should be able to expect the highest quality in design, manufacture and installation. You should also expect that your supplier, and their products, are properly accredited to meet Australian Standards, at a minimum. At Thermotek we take this very seriously, and want you to be fully informed. Below is a list of all the Accreditations and Certifications we hold, for your protection and peace of mind.
Member, Australian Window Association (AWA)
The Australian Window Association requires all Members to meet relevant Australian Standards. Under the Building Code of Australia, window manufacturers are required to produce windows and doors that meet mandatory minimum specifications under Australian Standard AS2047 – including AS1288. UPVC windows, and those made from timber, aluminium, or other materials, must all undergo the following performance test to verify product performance claims to AS2047. View the AWA brochure
Australian Standard AS 2047 – Windows in Buildings – Selection & Installation
AS 2047 specifies requirements for materials, construction, installation and glazing for windows, sliding doors, adjustable glass louvres, shopfronts, and window walls with one-piece framing elements. It incorporates the following tests: AS4420.2 Deflection Test – positive and negative wind pressures are applied to the face of the window to test the maximum deflection under wind load. AS4420.3 Operating Force Test – to verify that an opening sash is capable of opening and closing without undue effort. AS4220.4 Air Infiltration Test – the air leakage of a window is tested to ensure energy and acoustic efficiency. AS4420.5 Water Penetration Resistance Test – to verify that no water leaks through the window into the building. AS4420.6 Ultimate Strength Test – negative and positive wind pressures are applied to the window to at least 1.5 times the design wind pressure to ensure it does not fail in unusual wind conditions. See the AS2047 document
AS1288-2006 Glass in Buildings – Selection & Installation
AS1288-2006 specifies procedures for the design, selection and installation of glass in buildings. It includes guidance for installation practice, based on proven techniques. See the AS1288 document
Window Energy Rating Scheme
Our windows have been officially rated under the Australian Window Energy Rating Scheme. A total of 20 of our double glazed window and door configurations have been rated. See our EHS WERS Window Energy Ratings