3 Ways Tilt-and-turn windows promote an easier lifestyle

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A beautiful home takes time and effort to maintain. Time that you would much rather spend relaxing and doing the things you love. At Thermotek we put a lot of effort into innovative product research to make life a bit more manageable for the average homeowner. Our quality uPVC tilt-and-turn window designs are one such product that offers stress-free maintenance in addition to other wonderful features and benefits.

The inventive design of tilt-and-turn windows are ideal for offering different levels of ventilation, safe operation, easy cleaning and added security. Here are just 3 ways in which tilt-and-turn windows can enhance your lifestyle:

1.    Safe hassle-free cleaning

Tilt-and-turn windows are a popular option for homeowners who do not want to spend copious amounts of time doing back-breaking window cleaning labour. Thermotek’s window range can be cleaned with just a wipe downfrom the inside. Seeing that the windows can be tilted inwards makes for easy cleaning of the glass and frames. This functionality is most advantageous for windows in upper floors.

2.    Enhanced safety and security

Another benefit of this design type is the offer of better security for families with small children. A limited window opening can provide desired air flow while keeping children and pets safe inside.

For optimal fire protection, Thermotek offers bushfire rated windows manufactured to strict construction requirements. Suitable for high risk bushfire areas in Australia, our windows have a BAL rating of 40 – the highest level available in the industry.

3.    Optimal living spaces

Energy efficient windows allow for brighter living environments that enhance comfort. Double glazed tilt-and-turn windows promote a high level of thermal efficiency in every season all year round.

Thermotek-designed windows offer:

– Advanced levels of energy efficiency – Noise-reducing capabilities – uPVC windows that are designed especially for the Australian market – Environmentally sustainable

Thermotek offers ground-breaking technology in uPVC double glazed windows and doors for the discerning homeowner in Melbourne. Get in touch with us today and see why we are a leading Australian supplier of superior quality windows and doors.

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