What Double Glazed Window Styles Can I Choose From?

We can generally achieve all window styles that are available with single glazing. See below for the 4 most popular styles:

  • Single Hung
  • Horizontal Sliding Window

What Double Glazed Door Styles Can I Choose From?

We can also generally achieve all door styles that are available with single glazing, here are 4 of the most popular styles:

  • Sliding Patio Door

What Framing Colour Choice Do I Have?

We have 2 different colours that we readily offer: White & Clay with Tan & Ash Black to be available soon. We can discuss the best options with you to achieve the best colour selection to suit the design of your home.

What About Triple Glazing?

Triple Glazing windows works like double glazing, however will have one extra pane of glass, and one extra air or gas gap. Triple Glazing is only necessary in extreme climates and isn’t needed for the Australian climate. With double glazing we can achieve very low U-Vales similar to that of triple glazing just by adding some extra elements to the glass like laminate and low E, we can also increase the argon gas gap in the IGU if needed. This will all be customised to each individual case, so that you get the best windows and doors for your situation.