Upgrade your windows and doors with energy efficient uPVC framing

A home represents many things to Australian homeowners: security, protection from the elements and for some, homes are even an extension of ourselves. No matter what your home means to you, every home should offer a sanctuary of comfort. With upgraded uPVC windows from a Melbourne-based manufacturer you can enjoy perfect temperature control no matter the time of the year. An innovative way to keep your home’s energy costs down is to upgrade the windows and doors of your home by replacing them with ground-breaking technology found in uPVC Windows.

Why has energy saving windows taken the home industry in Australia by storm? All of the advantages and benefits lie in the thermal insulation and uPVC framing features. Thermal insulation helps to keep extreme temperatures where they belong – outside your home. These specially designed windows maintain the temperature within your home at comfortable levels. In addition to this, Thermotek’s windows are strengthened with reinforced steel for greater security.

uPVC windows from Thermotek offer:

  • Maintenance free windows.
  • Super thermal efficiency.
  • Are draught-proof.
  • uPVC framing improves security thanks to the multi-locking point system for secure installation.
  • Acoustic insulation.

Our uPVC windows made in Melbourne are a fantastic solution to effectively filtering out the noise from the outside. If the constant noise from traffic flow is disturbing your peace, then our sound efficient windows are a great investment.

Thermotek is a locally-owned Australian company based in Melbourne. We are able to offer a quality product that exceeds our customers’ expectations by ensuring quality checks are made throughout the manufacturing process. We custom make our windows and doors according to each individual customer’s preferences and specifications, and we don’t offer any off-the-shelf products. We also manufacture colour-coordinated fly screens.

Thermotek offers personalized attention with a convenient consultation in the comfort of your own home. Order your thermally-insulated made-to-order windows today and enjoy greater comfort in your home and the benefits of reduced energy costs.

Did You Know That High Quality uPVC Framing Can Actually Improve The Value Of Your Home?

When it comes to improving the value of a home, Australian homeowners are well aware of the need to enhance aesthetics, conduct necessary repairs, give the kitchen a makeover, add in a landscaped garden or build on a room or two? But there is another essential home improvement choice to consider – replacing standard windows and doors with high quality visually appealing uPVC framed products. More and more discerning homeowners are waking up to the fact that they can enjoy a temperature-controlled home without fancy climate control systems that cost an arm and a leg to buy, that also result in escalating the energy costs of a home.

For uPVC windows in Melbourne, Thermotek offers a distinctive range of specially designed energy efficient made-to-order window solutions that are aesthetically attractive and offer high functionality.

How do Thermotek’s uPVC windows add value to a home?

Enhanced comfort

The thermal insulated properties keep the temperature in your home at a comfortable level. Whether during the deep freeze of winter or blistering temperatures of summer, extreme temperatures are kept out of your home.

Stress-free maintenance

The quality of a Thermotek-manufactured energy efficient window solutions meets exacting standards. Our windows do not corrode, warp or rot, adding a lifelong value to your home.

Key selling feature

If and when you do decide to sell your home, listing uPVC doors and windows as a key feature will boost the attractiveness of your home as a good buy.

Create a more sustainable home

We all know the importance of lessening our carbon footprint to save the planet for future generations. Opting for uPVC windows and doors is a guaranteed way to enjoy sustainable living.

Melbourne-based Thermotek is a supplier and installer of uPVC windows and doors manufactured to the exacting standards that our customers demand and we are accredited by Australian authorities. We offer competitive pricing on all our high quality energy saving windows and doors.

A Parallel Development: uPVC As The Premium Framing Material.

The forerunner of today’s uPVC was first developed in the 1920’s. While searching for a synthetic substitute for rubber, Dr. Waldo Semon of the B.F. Goodrich Company in the United States formulated the first PVC polymer, in 1926.

As with double glazing technology, the use of PVC didn’t come into common use until the 1950’s. As double glazing provides much better performance than single glazing, so modern uPVC window and door frames provide numerous benefits compared with the traditional wood and aluminium frames

In the case of PVC windows, known in the US as ‘vinyl windows’, Europe was the early adopter. The frst commercially viable product, the Trocal, was introduced in Europe in 1954. Production commenced in the US in the 1950’s too, but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that ‘vinyl’ took off. Read more about the History of uPVC-Vinyl Windows

Today, the pioneering advances made in double glazing and PVC polymers almost 100 ywears ago, have culminated in the best windows and doors available on the market, and proudly manufactured by Thermotek Windows, right here in Melbourne. Read more about uPVC…

Double Glazing In 21st. Century Australia

The bad news is that while Australia suffers the extremes of sub-zero Winter and searing Summer temperatures, we are far behind Europe and North America in the adoption of double glazing. Many purchasers of new homes, and the builders who build them, believe that keeping the capital cost down is the best way to improve housing affordabilty. We have another perspective…

We believe that housing affordability is best described as the cost of mortgage repayment + cost of energy. If tyhe cost of fitting double glazing is less than the energy savings you can make on your heating and cooling bills, then fitting double glazing is a ‘no-brainer’. That’s the good news.

If YOU don’t want to be 2,000 years behind the times, then Thermotek Windows is here to help. Give us a call on 1300 733 429, email us, or fill in ourContact Form