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    Single Hung Window

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    Horizontal sliding window

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    Casement & awning windows

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    Patio & picture door

This popular product gently glides in a vertical manner, making it a great option for security and easy ventilation. The upper sash is fixed, and the vent sash can be effortlessly removed for cleaning and maintenance. It is available as a double glazed window as standard, and also in a specialty glass option.

The single hung window is very similar to a double hung window, with one key difference. On a single hung window, the bottom sash is fully operable, and the top sash is fixed in place. While on a double hung window both sashes in the frame are moveable.


  1. Standard 20mm, argon-filled double glazing
  2. Fully welded frame & sash
  3. Steel reinforcement ( center cross section )
  4. Multi-chamber frame
  5. Standard flyscreen

Horizontal sliding windows feature many of the same characteristics as the single hung option. However, instead of raising vertically, the sash opens horizontally.

This double glazed sliding window is equipped with very robust, adjustable tandem rollers, which will ensure smooth operation for many years to come. It is an extremely sound efficient window and an excellent choice for spaces that require frequent ventilation.



  1. 20mm uPVC double glazing as standard 
  2. Fully welded frame & sash
  3. Steel stiffener
  4. Multi-chamber frame


  1. Anti-lift
  2. Adjustable tandem rollers

Casement windows open towards the outside via a crank handle, making them an excellent option for maximum ventilation. The window pane is hinged on one side and swings open with ease.

Other windows in the casement family are awning and hopper windows. Awning windows open from the bottom and swing upward via a crank handle, while hopper windows open from the top and swing inward, making them particularly useful in basement applications.

To help you further integrate your chosen window profile with the look of your home, these styles can be easily customised with your choice of color —both for the window interior and exterior, and the hardware.



  1. 24mm double glazing as standard
  2. Fully welded frame & sash
  3. Aluminum stiffener
  4. Multi-chamber frame
  5. Casement crank handle
  6. Awning haft operator
  7. Vertical sash hinge
  8. Horizontal sash hinge
  9. Standard flyscreen
  10. Multi-point locking system

Double glazed patio doors or sliding doors create the ultimate connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing in light and air in abundance, and expanding the footprint of your living area. 

They are also a highly desirable feature in any Australian home, and come in a variety of configurations that include grid patterns and specialty glass finishes.

Thermal glazing applications are available in all patio and sliding doors to ensure maximum glass exposure, with minimal energy loss during seasonal extremes.


  1. Outstanding energy efficiency rating of 2.6u value 
  2. 20mm argon-filled double glazing as standard
  3. Tandem adjustable rollers
  4. Aluminum extruded track
  5. Steel stiffener
  6. Fully welded frame & sash
  7. Extruded screen frame
  8. Size capacity up to 2.2m (W) x 2.2m (H)